Edward Snowden wrote an op-ed in the New York Times where he argues that people are finally starting to care about privacy and preventing global surveillance. And though we care more, we also feel more powerless, according to a recent survey.

Online password database service LastPass had a serious security breach. Encrypted master passwords were leaked. This further outlines the problem with our current password-based approach to security. We need something better!


Things are getting better for privacy and security on the web. Cedexis reports that SSL use is on the rise, and about 35% of the traffic they are routing is encrypted now. After switching to SSL, you might want to read about hardening your WordPress site against malicious use.

Finally, learn how to hire a hacker on the deep web, and read an interview with Jesse Victors, a new Tor developer.


The featured image for this post is from Flickr user Marc Falardeau.