Software Development

EniacI have over 15 years of experience developing web applications. I’ve worked on some big-name projects in the past, but now the projects I love are small and short-term. I enjoy working with individuals and small companies to build web applications targeted at their needs. I can get your custom web application to market in just a matter of weeks.

My experience with popular frameworks such as WordPress, Jekyll, and Zend Framework allows me to integrate exciting, cutting-edge features into my clients’ software. These are some of the features I’ve developed and deployed in the past.

  • Social media integration
  • Text message interface
  • Amazon Web Services integration
  • Custom PDF reports
  • WordPress plugins
  • Big Data management and analysis
  • Full private administrative interfaces
  • Public-facing pages matching existing styling

To keep your website looking sharp, I work with top-notch, high quality web designers.

Contact me today and get your web application to market quickly.


These are some of the projects I’ve completed for clients.

TweetBook snapshot


Create a document from a Twitter stream. Suitable for photo books.

Philalethes Online E-Bulletin Reader

Philalethes E-Bulletin Online Reader

The Philalethes E-Bulletin reaches a larger audience with an online e-book reader.


PunchlinePDX Event Manager

Event management software helps PunchlinePDX upload, curate, and distribute slow-motion video.

Bruno San Rafael

Bruno San Rafael’s Home for Former Trapeze

A JavaScript and CSS3 web front-end for a collaborative music and art project.

Pansophie PC Color Test

Pansophie Online Personality Test

This web app is used to map personality traits to colors.