This is my first attempt at using elfeed-curate to collect interesting blog posts and share them. I have also attempted to subscribe to the RSS feed for the #Emacs hashtag on Mastodon, but that doesn’t seem to be working correctly yet. I’ve seen other blogs do similar things, but is this useful for my blog? I don’t know! Let me know what you think.

Computers (4)

  • The intriguing announcement of Cloudflare Fonts (Bryce Wray) [Programming] Oooh, this is cool. Bryce Wray talks about the introduction of Cloudflare Fonts!
  • What to know about new generative AI tools for criminals (Mike Elgan) [Security] Generative AI is still a minor concern for security professionals, but the threat is rising! This is an interesting look at the state of the art and current means for addressing the threat.
  • Alex Schroeder: 2022-03-20 Torchbearers and bodyguards (Alex Schroeder) [Emacs] Alex Schroeder continues his exploration of running tabletop RPGs using Emacs. Check out the other blog posts in the series—they are a lot of fun. I have been playing with Emacs for running TTRPGs, as well. Someday I’ll explain my methods.
  • Elfeed-curate (jcs) [Emacs] Elfeed-curate sounds like a really neat package. This is my first annotation using that package, which I will soon attempt to export.

Portland (1)

  • Tour of Untimely Departures – SOLD OUT! (lfadmin) The Tour of Untimely Departures is an annual event at Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland. But guess what? It’s already sold out! It sold out a while back, but I didn’t notice because my RSS feed for the Friends of Lone Fir was broken.