I was planning to make posts like this more regularly, but I entered into a period where I was thinking, huh, I am not collecting very many links. But I was wrong, I was collecting links. I collected too many. And now look at everything you have to read! I am sure these links will keep you occupied for a while.



  • Whatever happened to Guile-based Emacs? [Emacs, Mastodon] This thread on Mastodon has some insights into what ever happened to a Guile-based Emacs.
  • Andrey Listopadov: You don’t need a terminal emulator (Andrey Listopadov) [Emacs] Andrey Listopadov explains how he stopped using a terminal emulator because he’s all about that Emacs. Nice!
  • Emacs Line Wrapping (jcs) [Emacs] For several years, I have been dealing with a line-wrapping annoyance in Emacs that I just couldn’t figure out. It turns out it was filladapt, a package that apparently isn’t used often anymore, but I hadn’t noticed. I disabled the package and everything just works the way I want it to. Arrrgh!
  • Does Working From Home Damage Productivity? (jcs) [Emacs] I have mostly worked from wherever-I-want for the last 14 years, and I’d have it no other way.


  • Kensett: A Free 19th Century Urban Cartography Brush Set for Fantasy Maps (K. M. Alexander) K.M. Alexander shares a lot of cool brush sets for creating maps for fantasy games. I have been trying to figure out how to use them, and this one really caught my eye. Check out all of their brush sets!
  • Lovat’s Genesis: City of Darkness (K. M. Alexander) I am once again running a D&D game, with a homebrewed campaign, so I think it will be fun to include a few RPG-related posts every once in a while. Seeing how others get their inspiration is really helpful when I need to find some of my own.