I just released TweetBook, a web application to transform a Twitter stream into a simple document that can easily be turned into a photo album.

The Problem

A client came to me complaining that there was no available solution to export a Twitter feed as a document filled with images. There are various other Twitter-to-document converters out there, but they all focus on the text. The client asked me to build a tool to fill this void.

The Solution

Since I’ve been working with Google App Engine a lot lately, I used Go to write a tool that retrieves Tweets from a search or timeline. It provides a number of formatting options, and then creates a simple document suitable for exporting into an HTML or PDF file.

Try It Out!

As of 2022, this application is seven years old and probably doesn’t work anymore.

The client told me to do whatever I wanted with the code, so I’m making it available for use! Click here to try TweetBook! If you find it useful, please consider funding further development by contributing a small amount with this button:

Do You Have a Suggestion? A Bug Report?

If you have additional ideas for TweetBook, please visit my Contact page. I’m eager to hear your feedback and get suggestions and bug reports!