I have over 20 years of experience developing web applications. I’ve worked on some big-name projects in the past, but now the projects I love are small and short-term. I enjoy working with individuals and small companies to build web applications targeted at their needs. I can get your custom web application to market in just a matter of weeks.

My experience with popular frameworks such as WordPress, Jekyll, and Zend Framework allows me to integrate exciting, cutting-edge features into my clients’ software. These are some of the features I’ve developed and deployed in the past.

  • Social media integration
  • Text message interface
  • Amazon Web Services integration
  • Custom PDF reports
  • WordPress plugins
  • Big Data management and analysis
  • Full private administrative interfaces
  • Public-facing pages matching existing styling

To keep your website looking sharp, I work with top-notch, high quality web designers.

Contact me today and get your web application to market quickly.


These are some of the projects I’ve completed for clients and for myself.

Esoterika Lodge No. 227

Esoterika Lodge No. 227 website

This is a Jekyll website with a custom responsive theme, faithfully translated and updated from a hand-coded 2009 website. You can view it here.


TweetBook snapshot

Create a document from a Twitter stream. Suitable for photo books.

Philalethes E-Bulletin Online Reader

Philalethes Online E-Bulletin Reader

The Philalethes E-Bulletin reaches a larger audience with an online e-book reader.

PunchlinePDX Event Manager


Event management software helps PunchlinePDX upload, curate, and distribute slow-motion video.

Bruno San Rafael’s Home for Former Trapeze

Bruno San Rafael

A JavaScript and CSS3 web front-end for a collaborative music and art project.

Pansophie Online Personality Test

Pansophie PC Color Test

This web app is used to map personality traits to colors.