Driftwood Public Library in Lincoln City has selected Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore for their 2017 Everybody Reads event. They’ve invited me to give two lectures. This is going to be fun!

Secret Societies in Fiction

Tuesday, April 25, 6:30pm

This is going to be a lecture about secret societies. I’m going to talk about what a secret society is, and then we’ll look at how they’re portrayed in fiction. We will also talk about how fictional secret societies have sometimes become real secret societies, and the relationship between secrecy and fiction in the real world.

How Computers Changed Cryptography

Wednesday, April 26, 2:00pm

If you saw my OMSI talk, then you already know that this is a subject I’m passionate about! I will be discussing the history of computers and how it’s intertwined with the cryptography arms race. Maybe I will even introduce some hand ciphers to the crowd! I am going to have fun with this one.

I am sure that more information on both of these will be available soon, including Facebook events and other such things. In the meantime, visit the Driftwood Public Library website for more information.