I recently wrote an Emacs Lisp package to support the ddate command, a classic command-line utility to display dates from the Discordian calendar.

The package is now available on MELPA! That means that if you have use-package installed, you can get ddate easily like this:

(use-package ddate :ensure t)

Once you have the ddate package installed, you can use it to add the Discordian date to your dashboard with code like this:

(defun ela/dashboard-insert-ddate (list-size)
  "Insert the Discordian date into the dashboard."
  (let ((ddate-string (ddate-pretty)))
    (dashboard-center-line ddate-string)
    (insert ddate-string)))

(use-package dashboard
  :init (dashboard-setup-startup-hook)
  ;; Add the ddate item provider to the list.
  (add-to-list 'dashboard-item-generators
               '(ddate . ela/dashboard-insert-ddate))

  ;; Set up your items with ddate at the top.
  (setq dashboard-items '((ddate)
                          (recents   . 5)
                          (bookmarks . 5)
                          (registers . 5))))

You can view the source code for ddate on Sourcehut.