Hypothes.is Web Annotation Tool

Hypothes.is LogoWhile working on the Philalethes E-Bulletin Online Reader, I came across a useful web-based annotation tool called Hypothes.is. It’s worth checking out. The tool uses a browser plugin to provide a number of cool features.

  • Annotation
  • Discussion
  • Tagging
  • Sharing
  • Privacy Control

It also provides an annotation stream that allows you to view public annotations as they’re being made all over the web.

I’ve installed the Hypothes.is WordPress plugin so you can experiment with Hypothes.is on this website. Please try it out!

1 thought on “Hypothes.is Web Annotation Tool”

  1. While I really like Hypothes.is, loading the script on every page is slowing the site down too much. Since nobody is using it on this website, I’ve disabled this plugin for the time being.

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