Create a Document From Twitter with TweetBook

TweetBook snapshot

I just released TweetBook, a web application to transform a Twitter stream into a simple document that can easily be turned into a photo album.

The Problem

A client came to me complaining that there was no available solution to export a Twitter feed as a document filled with images. There are various other Twitter-to-document converters out there, but they all focus on the text. The client asked me to build a tool to fill this void.

The Solution

Since I’ve been working with Google App Engine a lot lately, I used Go to write a tool that retrieves Tweets from a search or timeline. It provides a number of formatting options, and then creates a simple document suitable for exporting into an HTML or PDF file.

Try It Out!

The client told me to do whatever I wanted with the code, so I’m making it available for use! Click here to try TweetBook! If you find it useful, please consider funding further development by contributing a small amount with this button:

Do You Have a Suggestion? A Bug Report?

If you have additional ideas for TweetBook, please visit my Contact page. I’m eager to hear your feedback and get suggestions and bug reports!

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