Once again, I have collected far too many links over far too long a period of time. Anyhow, here is a collection of blog posts and links from around the web that I found to be good reading over the past couple of months. Is it too late in January to say Happy New Year?

2024 has been a pretty weird year for me so far. I spent the first couple weeks of the year in isolation, and then Portland got hit with a Snowpocalypse (I love how that’s a regular thing now), followed by freezing rain. This is the third day in a row that the sidewalk outside my front door is basically an ice skating rink. That means it’s a great time to do some reading!




  • Pike’s Rules Of Programming (jcs) [Programming] These are some good rules, even if they can make some parts of programming a little less exciting.
  • Variations on styling variables in SSGs (Bryce Wray) [Programming] I am still using Sass a lot more than the vanilla CSS stuff that should be replacing it. Also, I am starting to see that this is a change I’ll need to take in my future WebDev adventures.
  • Firefox on the brink? (Bryce Wray) [Programming] Bryce Wray is warning (or predicting?) that Firefox may be in a very dangerous spot in its loss of user share. This is really disappointing, given how evil Chrome continues to be. And it’s only going to get more evil. Convince your friends to run Firefox!
  • Zachary Kanfer: Numberdle! (Zachary Kanfer) [Programming] This is a really fun browser game for people who enjoy numbers more than words. Move over, Wordle!!


Finally, here’s something fun to share with the kids.