Security Link Rodeo: Silk Road, the Patriot Act, Alan Turing, and Your Passwords

The man behind the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, received a life sentence after being convicted of money laundering and drug trafficking. It’s estimated that he made around $18 million on the website, which ran as a hidden service in the Tor network. Some of the operators for the Silk Road argue that it was a … Read more

Information Security for Small Business

Every Small Business Needs Information Security Small businesses form strong relationships with their customers, and that means they need to protect the privacy and information that customers trust to them. Data breaches can be expensive, and can lead to lost customers and revenue. Let’s come up with a plan to protect your essential business data. … Read more

Security Link Rodeo: The Patriot Act, Logjam, and Hacked Websites

Kind of good news: Senators Ron Wyden and Rand Paul teamed up to squash the Patriot Act extension. It’s going to expire on June 1st unless another vote is called on the 31st. The USA Freedom Act (which I think is good?) unfortunately didn’t make it through Senate, either. Objected to extending the Patriot Act … Read more

Security Link Rodeo

My four-week History of Cryptography class at Portland Underground Grad School is almost over. While I’ve had plenty of experience with speaking to audiences about difficult subjects, this has been my first time with an ongoing class. I think I’m learning as much as my students! Because this class has helped rekindle my passion for … Read more Web Annotation Tool

While working on the Philalethes E-Bulletin Online Reader, I came across a useful web-based annotation tool called It’s worth checking out. The tool uses a browser plugin to provide a number of cool features. Annotation Discussion Tagging Sharing Privacy Control It also provides an annotation stream that allows you to view public annotations as … Read more

PunchlinePDX Event Manager

PunchlinePDX is a slow-motion video booth for events and parties based out of Portland, Oregon. Earlier this year, I helped them develop event management software that would allow them to upload and curate video. This was their first experience hiring a software developer, so I had the opportunity to walk them through the entire process. … Read more


I have been involved in the computer science world and the IT industry for almost 20 years. My experience provides me with the skills and knowledge needed to perform various parts of intellectual property research. I love prior-art searching. Digging through old research papers and patents is something I really enjoy. I have several areas … Read more